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Morris 3ft Tube with Guard, Thermostat and Timer Set

Are you tired of cold and damp spaces that make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy? If so, you need the Morris Tube heater set 3ft, the ultimate solution for warm and cozy spaces. This set includes a wall mounted electric heater with brackets, a metal guard, and a thermostat and timer giving you everything you need to heat your space. Whether you use it in your bathroom, greenhouse, camper, conservatory, shed, kennel, boat, snooker, or aviary, you will love the features and benefits of this fantastic heater.


The wall mounted electric heaters with thermostat and timer set includes:

1. The Morris 3ft tube heater with brackets.

2. The Morris 3ft metal guard for the tube heater.

3. The Morris Digital Thermostat with Timer and Probe.


Here are some of the reasons why you should get the Morris Tube heater set 3ft:

- It has a low energy consumption of only 180W, saving you money on your electricity bills.

- It has a wall mounted electric heater with thermostat and timer, allowing you to set the optimal temperature and time of heating.

- It has a metal guard, protecting you and your pets from touching the hot surface of the heater.

- It has an easy installation, requiring only two screws and a plug.

- It has an overheating protection, ensuring your safety and preventing fire hazards.


Don't let the cold and damp ruin your mood and health.
Order your Morris Tube heater set 3ft today and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your space. You will be glad you did.

Morris Tube Heater
Length in feet 3ft
Heat output (Watt) 180
Running Cost (per hour) 0.18kWh
Dimensions (WxDxH) (cm) 90x5x5
Heating method Radiant
Easy-fit mounting brackets for wall or floor Yes
IP rating IP55 (dust & moisture safe)
Colour White
Material Aluminum
Voltage (Volts) 240
Power source Corded electric
Thermal cut (overheating protection) Yes
Maximum temperature 80 °C
Lifespan (Years) 10 – 20
Plug UK
Weight (kg) 2.12
Included components Heater, mounting brackets, instruction manual
Warranty (Year) 1
Morris Tube Heater Guard
Length in feet 3ft
Colour White
Material Stainless steel
Screws and wall plugs Included
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 910x190x105
Warranty (Year) 1
Morris Digital Thermostat with Timer and Probe
Temperature range -40 C +120 C
Temperature accuracy 0.1 C
Timing Accuracy Max 1 minute
Maximum working current 13A 50Hz
Temperature sensing head 50cm
Power consumption <0.8W
Voltage 240V,13A
5 Control Modes Heating, Cooling, Cycle switch, Delay ON/ OFF, CD ON/ OFF Switch
External temperature detector Included
Dimensions 58x52x120 mm
Weight 150g
Material ABS + PC
Plug UK
Colour White
Temperature probe Use in: Greenhouse, livestock raising, indoor constant temperature, carbon crystal painting, floor heating, etc.
Magnetic probe Use in: Boiler water pump, pipe heating, radiator
Water temperature probe Use in: Aquarium, tropical fish, aquaculture transportation, temperature control of water temperature tank, etc.
Other functions Backlit LCD display, temperature calibration, factory reset, memory function (which can save all current settings after power off)
Warranty (Year) 1